We live to travel. With or without a budget, we will show you how far you can go. Tips, what to do, destinations, what to take, are some of the topics that you will find here. We are two passionate young people in search of new experiences, who seek to encourage people to get out of their comfort zone, to travel and explore this beautiful planet. We met while traveling and we traveled to meet each other.

Our main objective will ALWAYS be to raise our country Venezuela, and promote responsible tourism, however, our explorer spirit demands that we visit the largest number of places on this beautiful planet. In each of our networks you will find different, valuable and entertaining content.

Clothes, paintings and Accessories for #LocosDeViaje


From the most beautiful landscapes of Venezuela to your home. You can end up madly in love and with the desire of wanting to put a painting in every corner of your house

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All our Caps are UNIQUE. We have different models and we take very few units of each one.

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Some of Our Visited Countries

If you want to see more of our adventures in these countries, click on the flag of your preference and it will take you to the videos that we have created in this country.