How much do we earn?

To all our patrons, we are going to tell them our prices for advertising, creating content and even how much we currently earn on the rest of our platforms.

First of all, we want to clarify that these numbers are estimates, because we always try to ensure that the advertising contracts are at least 3 months, sometimes they are longer, so we make discounts and the final amounts vary.

Our advertising costs are regularly:

1 Story 100 $
3 Stories $ 200
6 Stories $ 300
6 Stories + 1 post 500 $
9 Stories + 1 post 600 $

We evaluate any additional requirement with the client, additionally we must clarify that not all the stories we do on instagram are paid, in fact many recommendations that we make (of restaurants, places, and even of you patrons, when they ask us the favor of advertising something, usually they are to help the trade, brand or person, because like us when we were starting it is always good to lend a hand without expecting anything in return), however you can never forget that this is our main source of income.

On the other hand, we have other costs in content creation, or audiovisual production, where we make use of all our audiovisual equipment (Drone, Professional Camera, Gopro, Polaroid, Microphone, Lights, etc.) to create a final product of charm.

In this case we charge $ 500 per minute of editing and the recording, depending on the travel allowance generated, is added or not to the budget.

Finally we will tell you when we are currently winning on each platform.

YouTube pays us an average of $52 per month, very little, we know, and that is that YouTube is a race of endurance and not of speed. Youtubers with 500-1 million followers can make between 5 and 7 thousand dollars a month, but hey, we barely have 24 thousand and it is not the time to lower our heads but to keep working hard.

In advertising we generate between $ 1,000 and $ 1,500 per month (if, believe it or not, practically this money is what we travel with and we have our entire lifestyle) it is very little for two people, they cannot imagine how we render it. This amount is our "fixed" budget and we say fixed for what we mentioned earlier, our contracts with the brands are from 3 to 6 months, so we already know for how long we will be able to receive that money.

Additionally, we have our clothing brand which, compared to other brands, gives slightly lower margins, since quality production in Venezuela is quite expensive, crazy true, but it is true. For example, we sell a 2 crazy travel jersey for $ 30 and our final cost is almost $ 21 per jersey. We sell a cap between $ 12-15 and our cost is almost $ 9. For the store, on average, we generate Profit between $300-500 per month.

And well, on Patreon, like YouTube, it is a community that grows slowly, but it is quite faithful, because of the close relationship we have with you, we are currently receiving $ 50 on average, a few months a little more.

They have some advice on things that we should improve, try to create, etc. We read them. We would also like to know what your sources of income are, without amounts, just to know more about what they work for, etc.

We read and respond to them.