My first time on La Tortuga Island

¡There is magic in the turtle!

My first time on La Tortuga Island

By: Valery Saa

Touring Cayo Herradura

I have traveled many times but it pains me to say that I hardly know my country..

¡That is why visiting the turtle generated so much emotion in me!

The trip started early. A rich breakfast and then a couple of hours sailing on a luxury yacht, what a marvel!!

I'm not going to lie to you, the waves made me wonder if it was all worth it, but a few minutes later a group of dolphins swam alongside me and boy was it worth it!!

I rested my head on the seat. I silenced my thoughts. I relaxed with the cool breeze from the Caribbean Sea.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was already surrounded by the most beautiful blue I have seen in my life.

I felt the need to go to the beach immediately. I can swear to you, I have never known such a wonderful place: the bright sun, the cool sand and the warm water.

I am one of those who fully believes that travel transforms you, brings out the best in you and renews you. That's how I felt, I stopped being the 21-year-old and became a 9-year-old who wanted to roll in the white sand.

I could not believe that I was still in Venezuela, only four hours away and I was already in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, the kind that make you question life and forget your problems.

For tech lovers this is hell

A hell in which I would love to live.

Disconnecting is the obligation but after a while, a second or less, it becomes a pleasure.

All these emotions ran through my body and the best thing is that the first day was not over yet.

I had fried fish for lunch. It was really great: fresh, crunchy and with an indescribable flavor.

Then I got ready to enjoy the sunset while taking photos. Night came and luckily the new moon touched, that made the million stars look particularly closer and bigger. To close with a flourish I slept listening to the sound of the sea.

¡First day ready!

Saturday, perfect Saturday.

On Saturday I woke up with the first rays of the sun. I had breakfast and then I toured Horseshoe Key with a dog from the island.

I don't know if something wonderful happened out of nowhere and they feel like it was a gift from life ... It happened to me.

As I walked along the shore I saw a large number of birds in the distance.

K-pri, the name I gave to my four-legged companion, ran towards them which made them all fly at the same time, the best thing is that I had my camera at hand and I was able to record the moment perfectly.

Thank you life, thank you k-pri, thank you soco adventures.

In the afternoon we took a walk through the keys. The stops were at the stone and the tortuguillo. It couldn't be better, but it was. In the first destination I tested my courage and I threw myself from a stone that at first glance seemed small, but already in it it was extremely high. In the second, I had a spectacular beach just for me.

On the way back to Herradura Key, I went through the stone museum and helped build the most beautiful tower, while the sky was tinged with orange and pink.

I enjoyed the night after an amazing dinner and slept soundly and peacefully.

¡Second day ready!

I woke up early again to take advantage of my third day.

The morning went away with a couple of memorable photos and a relaxing dip.


Sunday why did you comee?

The only good thing about endings like this is that they give me a chance to reschedule another trip with soco adventures.

One of my favorite moments was the return, but to keep counting you would have to read at least two more days.

I'll sum it up in a few words: great music, great company, and again the dolphins swimming by my side that this time seemed to say goodbye.

In the end, my experience in the turtle is summed up in one word:


Now my only question is…

¿What will be my next destination?