Crazy Thinking.

I am going to tell you something very personal, that I hardly share on our social networks, since it is not in my interest to be in the critical eye of more than 235 thousand people in our communities.

I, Emmanuel Vieira, come from a wealthy family, which despite starting from very low, (yes, my father emigrated from the island of Madeira to Venezuela, when he was 8 years old with his whole family, in principle so that they would not recruit his brother to the army and then in search of a better quality of life for what was rumored in these parts, and I say these because precisely right now I am in Madeira).

Once in Venezuela, a paradise in EVERY way between the 80s and 00s, my father little by little was successfully climbing in the business world, in the world of commerce, and although he started from very low, they came to live in Petare, then he They moved to Catia where he spent a large part of his life, even my childhood was in Catia. However, since we were little, my sister and I had a privileged life and I think like many children of foreigners.

Now when I grow up, it is too difficult for me to accept help, money, even a loan from my parents. It is too cutting for me to think about everything they could do, what could be done in Venezuela 30 years ago and how difficult it is for us. We already shared with you in another post how much we earned monthly, you cannot imagine how easy it was to make that amount of money, in the 90s, my father tells me. Which (I do not know if unfortunately or unfortunately), always invested and bet on Venezuela without wanting to invest abroad or have a more solid source of income and is also having a not so good time. (Only once did he decide to invest abroad with the same method that he had in Venezuela and he hit a good financial hit).

In conclusion and stop closing this crazy thought, it is super difficult for me to assimilate the lifestyle changes, once I read, the saying is easy to climb, difficult is to stay on top. And although I do not consider it entirely true, I do believe that it is very difficult to start again from the bottom, but hey, here we are two young dreamers wanting to travel all over the world to show them to them and fill them with passion for other things beyond the materials.

I love you patrons, thank you for being part of this community, you cannot imagine how important you are.