If you are passionate about it, it is NOT work...LIE.

The street has taught me many more things than the university and with this I do not mean that I have been a homeless person or someone who has gone through precarious survival situations, but, if I wanted to talk a little about what this simple title means to me.

They will have read in many articles, magazines or even photos with texts on instagram, if you are passionate about it, it is not work, do what you are passionate about and you will be happy for life, etc. etc. And although I do not differ completely in this text, I will tell you a little about my story so that you can see the reality of what those words mean.

As a child they taught me that I had to be like my father, a merchant, in fact they took me to their businesses on weekends to start dealing with the usual tasks of these places and I will not deny that I enjoyed it, of course, it was small and they paid me with trinkets, without teaching me the real value of money, how to earn it and how to spend it wisely.

I remember that where else I went was to the liquor store or car wash, where with my sales skills that I had developed over time I could sell ice to an Eskimo. He was an ace in sales, especially offering additional products or services to the one that the client had been requesting, I had found what I was passionate about, and although I spent all my weekends working because during the week I studied, I did not consider it work because I was enjoying it a lot of.

One day after an argument, I decided not to go to work that weekend and spend the day in a park thinking, analyzing what it had been like for me the last 20 weekends which I had been with my father in the car wash. At that moment I understood that the little discussion that I had had (which I do not remember today what it was), had made me realize that I had invested the last 5 months in a place where I was only a simple seller and if one day a The reason for my health or simply wanting to do something different was going to totally disconnect me from that income they paid me on Sunday after two arduous 11-hour days.

I also concluded that I had worked hard every day that I was present and that my passion for sales was already a job that I hated and had caused me to lose something that would never turn back. That little friend gets bigger and bigger and suddenly it's so big that you don't know how to digest it, you don't know how to deal with it and much less what to do with what will happen if you let it continue to grow without doing anything, time.

What was i going to do now?

What business would he work in now that he had a taste for money.

How long would it take me to find a new business or job that I was passionate about??

It was there when my same father offered me 25% of the shares of a motorcycle shop. I am going to confess to you at that point in my life I had not driven a motorcycle in my life, nor had I any idea how to run a business, because I had simply been a salesperson and since I was so passionate about sales, I had not focused on learning about finances from the previous company.

3 months went by in which my mind was opened too much and where after, not only learning how to manage the company, but also having optimized all the processes so that my work depended on a small investment of two hours a day, I realized that I wanted to expand, seek new horizons (without ever thinking of giving up the motorcycle shop). Imports, wholesaling and retailing of countless products came after so many hours of leisure a day.

Food, clothes, perfumes and many other things, I dedicated myself to importing to expand my business portfolio and continue to pursue money which depended 100% on my skills and if I did not go out one day to sell or collect, I would not bring bread to my house.

December 2014, among so many searches, businesses and diversification that I had in my income, I did not focus even 40% on each one of them and it was when by rushing in a business I lost a sum of money in a scam that was equivalent to at least 8 years of work doing exactly twice what I did every month or 16 years of work if I did the same, but I didn't want to sound dramatic.

Yes, it was sunk, destroyed, and most of all unmotivated. I no longer found that love with which I worked every day from Monday to Saturday in parallel with my university and did crossfit, I think there were few Sundays that I decided to get out of the comfort of my bed to travel, enjoy or just take a few laps to refresh the mind, but how much? If I was passionate, it was not workjo”

I could continue writing what came later, but let's save it for another article because it is a long story. In short, I emigrated, I started a business that I was 100% passionate about, I had never felt the same and also earning in dollars. The solution to all my problems, until a small inconvenience repeated the same story from my previous experiences and that was when I sat in front of a mirror and had the most decisive conversation of my life.

I had lost the will to live, nothing passionate me.

I didn't feel like going out, working, or earning money.

There was no attractive business for me, I preferred to be an employee charging 15 and last without any worry or risk.

There was no going back and the decision was almost made.

It was then that a couple of slaps and extensive reflection made me doubt my passions for work. And come to the following conclusion.

Life is a wheel, and passions will change even if it seems crazy, yes, passions will not always be the same, and work will not always make you passionate sometimes you just have to do it and that's it. Undertaking in what you are passionate about, just as I do right now with my tourism company and travel project with my girlfriend. It will surely give you more work than you imagine, much, much more work.

Today you like to sell retail products, tomorrow you prefer to provide services and after being a manufacturer. The point is that you always think of yourself first. Every human being must be self-sufficient in every way, but the most important of these is his own happiness, and your happiness must depend on yourself. Do not sacrifice time for yourself for your passions, especially traveling.

Traveling is the only expense that makes you richer and it is for all that time you have to relax and think about and for yourself.

What benefits you the most

Are they your current passions, your true passions or is there something that motivates you much more

You have to work more than you expect for that passion that you do not see the fruits of?

You wonder what would happen if you set out on a new path.

I close this article with a phrase from my father, whom I love very much and although I learn a lot from him every day, I never ended up paying attention to what he should be in life or work, and it is one of the most difficult and correct decisions that I have taken.

“If a problem has a solution, why bother; and if you have no solution why bothere?”