Before mentioning the advertising rates, we want to remind you that we are the travel couple with the highest audience in Venezuela, our account has grown from 5,000 followers in April 2019 to 210,000 in August 2020 in less than 1 year and a half and continues to grow at a rate 800-1000 followers every 3 days, so each ad you make with us your brand will be exposed to more and more followers, in addition our international community which represents almost 40 is quite committed to our content and continues to grow day by day.
We also have the YouTube channel where the content is immortalized, because it is a platform that never goes out of style, that videos can stay at the top of searches regardless of their validity and it is a very useful tool to expose in more detail the Product characteristics.
Dos Locos de Viajes Plans.
Your first time.
If your brand is of a product which you would like to send us and that we do an unboxing or you have a restaurant and you would like us to go to taste its flavors and expose it to our audience, we have a promo only for the first time out of 100 making a thread of 2-4 stories mentioning your product / service.
After this we have monthly advertising plans which are recommended to contemplate them at a minimum of 3 months to be able to measure the real performance of the advertising and its effectiveness.
1 Story 120$ 
3 Stories 240$ 
6 Stories 420$ 
6 Stories 1 Post 620$ (Best seller) 
9 Stories 1 Post 740$ (Recommended) 
9 Stories 2 Post 840$ 
1 Post 250$ 
The previous plans may have a discount depending on the term to be contracted and the conditions of the agreement.
Additionally we offer:
Live: We talk about your brand about the products you offer and their benefits, in addition to leaving it posted in our stories for the next 24 hours. 200$
Take over: We take control of your instagram for a whole day and publish stories at least 6 mentioning your services or use of your product. 150$
Creation of audiovisual pieces.
This is where we stand out the most since as we have mentioned on several occasions we have equipment to make unprecedented content, drones, professional cameras, adventure cameras, snapshots, flashes, microphone and more are some of the instruments that we use in our recordings to immortalize your product or service in a piece of the duration you want. These pieces are highly recommended to advertise on instagram 1 minute maximum, give a cinematographic exposure to your IGTV product of 2-4 minutes or a video for the YouTube channel from 6 minutes onwards where we can delve into more benefits and complement it with a trip or a day of adventures.turas.
The prices that I am going to mention are approximate, they may vary, each case is very specific.
Mention of the brand or service on the YouTube channel: 200$
Creation of piece for instagram: 500$ per minute of editing..
Creation of exclusive video for the YouTube channel: from 400$
Finally, we want to mention that we can provide an analysis and recommendations for your business or brand, since we have not only grown in our Dos Locos De Viaje brand, but also that of our company Soco Adventures, the largest and most exclusive tourism company in Venezuela. in addition to several traditional businesses, so we have a lot of experience in identifying weaknesses and opportunities for improvement of companies. This service will depend on several factors, but it goes from 200$ onwards.
Before we say goodbye we want to remind you how genuine we are and how open we are to proposals of all kinds, unfortunately all our ideas cannot be written down on paper and we cannot make this file an encyclopedia but if you are interested we can talk about it you want and negotiate to reach a mutual agreement.
Now yes, see you on a trip.
Emma & Val
Dos Locos de Viaje